An extra-virgin olive oil obtained by the pressing of olives coming from Puglia carefully selected by our trusted farmer.

There are two main ingredients to obtain a good extra-virgin olive oil: the olive tree and the expert hand of people who know how to treat it. Albori aims to enhance these elements, together with the importance of the area of origin, Puglia.

The origins of taste
Our olive trees
The treasure of our land

The olive tree is an ancient plant, charged with symbolic and cultural references, with its sculptural trunks and untamed foliage modelled Puglia’s territories and lands, as well as the extra-virgin olive oil obtained from its fruits gave taste to the Italian food culture.

Our boys
The land’s masters

They are the farmers from Puglia, who look after their olive trees day after day, and from the olive harvest to the pressing and bottling, they monitor the accuracy of each step.

Our products

Three top quality ranges

This work brings to three excellent and tasty extra-virgin olive oils, each characterized by its organoleptic qualities.