he value of traditions

The farmers who have been working without interruption for ages to provide us one of the most appreciated and most recognized in Italy. Now it is time to give voice to their stories and traditions.

Cesta di Olive
Local culture

Our land is the land which symbolizes extra-virgin olive oil and people who have been living here for generations know that this reputation has to be kept high and how much work is behind an olive oil bottle.

The origins of taste

They know how to tell this story better than anyone else,

so let’s leave the word to them…

Even if our parents were farmers, they wanted us to take a different path, so they led us to study and to choose another job. Then, during summer months when we had to help in the countryside, we lived that experience and the passion rose, which I have always taken with me.

Sandro Leone

The farmer is a person who never gives up, who fights against the bed weather and against everything, in order to bring to fruition his own products. So, the sacrifices of an entire generation come out with that olive oil.  I think that this is an honor. There, part of that person’s life is summarized.

Francesco Liberatore

When I have to produce the olive oil I usually do it at 11 in the morning, when I go to my friend’s oil mill and I start the pressing maximum 4 hours later the picking of the first olive. This is a method that gives the best quality results because it does not start the oxidation process.

Antonello De Pasquale

To open the door, to smell the olive tree and the oil perfume…not for little time, for 4 months, day and night. It is something of exceptional.

Vito Pannarale

Our products

Three top quality ranges

This work brings to three excellent and tasty extra-virgin olive oils, each characterized by its organoleptic qualities.

Our olives

The treasure of our land