A favorable climate

Thanks to a predominant Mediterranean climate, characterized by low rainfall and seasonal temperature changes, and the soil strongly calcareous with a good drainage capacity, make our territory a perfect land to cultivate our reference cultivar – Peranzana, Leccino and Coratina.

The geographical position

Moreover, the proximity to Monti Dauni, brings strong winds that led to rigid winters and to a late and slow olives ripening.

A mix of favorable conditions

All these factors together generate a unique microclimate and give to the plants the features that allow to obtain a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil.

Our olives
An accurate selection

Albori is obtained by the pressing of the best olives coming from our territory carefully selected and hand-picked by our trusted farmer. We carry out the milling with the utmost care, working without oxygen to avoid oxidation. The cold pressing is done within the first eight hours after the harvest, so that the organoleptic features remain unchanged.

We only use hand-picked Italian olives coming from a strictly traced production flow in order to guarantee our products quality

The origins of taste

the cultivar that
we use are:


Considered one of the finest, rich in polyphenols


One of the oldest and long-lived.


Very suitable to make a more balanced blend.

Our products

Three top quality ranges

This work brings to three excellent and tasty extra-virgin olive oils, each characterized by its organoleptic qualities.

Our production process

from the olive tree to the table